Rancho Cordova boasts 17 hotels so you can find the perfect fit for your family and your budget. If you book a stay of 2 nights or more through the Visit Rancho Cordova website, you’ll also be eligible to receive discounts or a complimentary gift card of your choice!


With over 90 languages spoken in Rancho Cordova, our foodie scene is just as diverse! Enjoy international eats from across the globe. From American classics and down-home BBQ to Asian fusion and more, you’ll find something tasty for every flavor profile!

The Barrel District

 Rancho Cordova’s impressive collection of award-winning breweries, distilleries, hard kombucha, mead, and wine is calling your name! Classic cocktails, craft brews, and nonalcoholic sips to savor are on tap in these 10 locations around the city.

Trip Planning

Looking for transportation info, travel itineraries, local weather, and great hotel deals? We’ve got you covered! Get all the resources you need to make your stay in Rancho Cordova memorable.

Even More Things To Do

Extend your stay and enjoy all the incredible attractions Rancho Cordova has to offer: watersport rentals, outdoor activities, arts and culture, local events, and more!