Hangtown Motorcross Classic 54 – Spectator Survey


Dear Hangtown Supporter,


On behalf of the entire Hangtown Organization, we’d like to thank you for your support of the 54th Annual Carson City Motorsports Hangtown Motocross Classic. The weather this year was a little bit of a challenge to everyone involved in the race, but I hope you enjoyed your experience at Hangtown.


Each year, we try to make the race even better and want to hear your comments from this year’s Hangtown. Many of the suggestions we’ve received in the past have helped us to develop a better fan experience. 


Outside of wanting valet parking, drinks serve to your seat, or to change the course because your favorite spot is too far away from the beer vendor, we do want your comments. As a fan like you, we want to attract people to the raw excitement that is motocross. 


Please click onto the brief survey below and give us your comments, or suggestions on how we can make next year’s Hangtown Motocross Classic the best ever.

Survey Here

Thank you for your support of the Hangtown Motocross Classic.


See you at the races.


BOB MESSER, Director

Hangtown Motocross Classic