This year you will purchase your ticket and then will be contacted within 3 business days to reserve your spot. 

General Camping spaces are approximately 22’ – 37’

Premium Camping spaces are approximately 22’ – 60’


Make sure that you read all of the information prior to purchasing your camping space.

Don’t forget:
• Dry Camping only (no hook ups or Potable water)
• There are flushing toilets but no showers
• Dogs must always be on a leash, not allowed in the event area.
• Quiet hours between 10 pm – 6 am (no music, generators, or any noises)
a) NO campfires allowed.
b) NO golf carts/ electric bikes / moped’s / bicycles / motorcycles of any kind can be ridden AT ANY TIME outside of the racer getting to the start line and back
c) All vehicles / belongings must stay within your marked campsite
d) Roads must always be kept clear.
e) No dumping of holding tanks.
i. *The state is watching for dumping so do not let your tanks leak or you will face fines.
f) No washing of RVs, no oil changes or repairs allowed at campground.
g) No fireworks or weapons of any kind.
h) All campers must stay within the designated camping area between the hours of 8 pm and 6am.
i) What you bring in, you take out! Please do not leave trash or household items of any kind when you exit the property.
j) Please be considerate of all fellow campers, Hangtown security / Volunteers.

For more information regarding camping please email us at:

Jason Schaible
(925) 784-2589